What's text relay

two people communicating through relay

Text relay is a group of relay assistants waiting to relay phone conversations between a text-user and a phone-user. When making a phone call a text-user 'talks' by typing to the relay assistant who speaks their words to the phone-user, and then the relay assistant types the phone-user's spoken reply to the text-user.

Relay assistant

The relay assistant will endeavour to relay the phone conversation word for word. However this isn't always possible and the list below shows examples of when the relay assistant might not be able to relay each word:

  • when a recorded announcement is too fast
  • when the relay assistant can't understand what's being said e.g. English is not the phone-user's first language, or they are speaking with a strong dialect
  • when quality of the phone call is poor e.g. high background noise

What types of calls does text relay handle?

Over the years our text relay has handled every type of phone call. From calls to family and friends, doctors, competition lines, takeaways, and emergency services.

Updated: 16 September 2016