TextNumber hints and tips

You only need to link your phone number to a TextNumber once

If you want to set up a TextNumber and you use both a textphone and NGT Lite you only need to set the TextNumber up once using either the textphone or NGT Lite, you don't need to set up the TextNumber on both devices.

Can I redirect my TextNumber to my standard telephone line?

The TextNumber is already linked to your phone number. You don't need to do anything else.

Can I divert a telephone line to a TextNumber?

No, the phone network will only let you divert a telephone line to another telephone line or a mobile.

However if you have a TextNumber associated with your home telephone line and you divert your home telephone line to your mobile a call to the TextNumber will be diverted to your mobile. You can then answer the call using NGT Lite on your mobile. For this to work NGT Lite on your mobile has to be linked to your home telephone number. Please note your home phone provider might charge for the diverted call.

Can I still withhold my TextNumber if I don't want people to see it?

Yes, if you withhold your phone number the TextNumber is withheld as well.

Can people calling me still use 18002 and my standard number if they want to or will they have to use my TextNumber if I have one?

Yes, the 18002 prefix will continue to work as it does for Text Relay.p>

Can people dial a TextNumber from overseas?

Unfortunately there's not a simple answer to this. If someone is abroad and they make a phone call the local phone network controls what can and can't be dialled. This means that someone dialling the TextNumber for your fixed line e.g. +44330670... might work, however if they dial the TextNumber for your mobile e.g. +44777789... this should work.

How do I get a TextNumber?

Using the phone or mobile you want to associate with a TextNumber you simply make a call to the NGT Helpdesk and select option 2 and an automated system will give you a TextNumber. Click here for more information about TextNumbers.

If someone rings me using my TextNumber, can a hearing member of my family answer the call?

Yes, TextNumbers work in the same way as calls made using 18002 prefix.

What happens if someone sends an SMS text to an 07 TextNumber, will I receive the text?

Yes, NGT will forward SMS messages to the mobile phone that's associated with the TextNumber.

What is a TextNumber?

A TextNumber is a unique 11 digit NGT access codes that can be used as an alternative to the 18002 prefix. Click here for more information about TextNumbers.

When I call people will they see my TextNumber or my standard telephone number if they have caller display on their phone?

If they have a Caller Display unit they will see the TextNumber. If they call 1471 they will hear the TextNumber. They can simply return your call and will automatically connect through NGT with relay if needed.

Why can't I have a Text Number that mirrors my geographic location?

Ofcom allocates numbers in minimum number blocks of 10,000. Using geographic numbers for the NGT TextNumber service would mean many would never be used and might cause a shortage of numbers in areas where there isn't much availability. Using 03 numbers ensures the caller will be billed for a call to a geographic number, the call will be free if their telephone service provider includes these calls in their package.

Will my TextNumber appear in the phone book?

TextNumbers will not automatically appear in the Phone Book. BT Phonebooks can add the TextNumber to your entry. If you don't currently have an entry in the Phone Book you need to contact your telephone service provider. Click here for more information about TextNumbers and The Phone Book.

Updated: 13 August 2018