Making a call using a TextNumber

The person calling you simply dials the TextNumber you give them without the 18002 prefix.

Call charges

Callers dialling TextNumbers are charged at their telephone provider's standard rate for 03 or 07 numbers.

Can a caller still use the 18002 prefix?

Yes the 18002 prefix still works. After you have a TextNumber associated with your phone number callers can still dial 18002 followed by your phone number.

Answering a call when a TextNumber has been dialled

When you answer a call it doesn't matter if a TextNumber was dialled or the 18002 prefix was used the text relay will be connected automatically if needed.

If someone else answers the phone and they don't use a textphone or the NGT Lite they will be able to speak to the caller.

Sending an SMS message to a TextNumber

If someone sends an SMS text message to a TextNumber (within the 07777 number range), this will be forwarded to the mobile number it's associated with.

Important: If you reply to an SMS text message sent to a TextNumber, your reply will come direct from your mobile phone number and display your mobile number to the person receiving the text. So if you're using SMS messaging to communicate, let the other person know your mobile number as well as the TextNumber.

Mobile number or TextNumbers?

When you associate a TextNumber with your mobile phone you'll have two phone numbers, which should you use and when?

  • If you want friends, family or colleagues to send you SMS text messages or call your mobile you should give them your mobile phone number, telling them to use the 18002 prefix. We suggest that you tell people to put both your mobile phone number and the associated TextNumber in their mobile phone's contact list.
  • TextNumbers are intended for businesses who are going to call you or send you an occasional SMS text message such as a postal delivery confirmation. (See: Sending an SMS message to a TextNumber above)
Updated: 13 August 2018