What's a TextNumber?

A TextNumber is a unique phone number that automatically routes calls via the NGT Service. TextNumbers starting 03306... are used to call your home or office phone, while TextNumbers starting 07777... are used to call your mobile.

The benefit of a TextNumber is that the network knows it's an NGT call without needing the 18002 prefix. Your callers simply dial the TextNumber you give them. The 18002 prefix still works and your callers can continue using it as they did before. TextNumbers are designed to make it easier for businesses such as your bank, gas or electricity supplier to call you. However TextNumbers can also be used by your friends and family.

When someone uses a TextNumber to call you, it will connect via NGT and bring in text relay if needed. You can answer the call using either a textphone or the NGT Lite app.

Updated: 27 October 2015