Can I use a textphone with NGT?

Yes, NGT works with all the current textphones such as BT Textphone, Minicom, Screenphone, TextLink, and Uniphone. However you need to use NGT Lite to benefit from some of the new facilities.

BT Textphone and TextLink 9100 - connect quicker

If you only use your BT Textphone or TextLink 9100 with NGT it will connect quicker if you set it to V.21. To check the setting look at top left corner of the textphone's display. If it shows <V.18> you can to change it to V.21 by pressing Menu, 7, 2, Enter.

NGT Calls to this number range are barred

If you make a call and see on your textphone display NGT Calls to this number range are barred this can be caused by the 18001 prefix being dialled twice. Please try dialling the call again without the 18001 prefix.

Minicom and Uniphone -

If you're using a Minicom or Uniphone and are having problems connecting to NGT check that Turbo Code is not switched on. If it's switched on you might find that your textphone connects quicker if you switch Turbo Code off. Please look in your textphone manual for how to do this.

Updated: 05 December 2014