Text relay

Are the relay assistants the same people as Text Relay?

Yes, the relay assistants on NGT Relay are the same ones that were on Text Relay.

Can I still use text relay?

Yes, the Next Generation Text service automatically connects a relay assistant into your call whenever you need them.

How does NGT compare to the caption telephony services?

Both caption telephony and NGT:

- support a free flowing conversation by enabling the deaf person to speak direct to the other person at any time during the call
- are not dependent on the text-user having a textphone

However caption telephony only works when you're deaf and when the other person can understand your voice. For some people this will be fine but most can't rely solely on caption telephony because some people are unfamiliar with their voice and can't understand it, or because their voice quality varies from day to day.

NGT is a service that you can adapt to your communications needs for instance:

- If other people can understand your voice you can speak directly to them, however if you're talking to someone who is not familiar with your voice you can simply type the conversation or important parts of the conversation e.g. address, phone numbers, etc.
- If you have no voice or it can't be understood by other people you can type to them via the text relay and hear their reply.

Is a call using NGT confidential?

The relay assistants are bound by the same strict confidentiality rules as they are for Text Relay. They will be able to hear both sides of the conversation in order to help the call progress. If the person you are calling also has a textphone or is using NGT Lite, you can have the conversation without the need for a relay assistant in the call. Also the Internet connections used by NGT Lite will use the same SSL security that's used by websites when you buy things on-line, and NGT will meet the strict Payment Card Industry Data System Security standards.

Will I see any difference to the Text Relay?

There are some changes to the announcements you'll see when your call is being made e.g. NGT ring ring, NGT Answered, please wait for connection, and NGT Waiting for a free relay assistant. If you use the Assist service or are calling from abroad the NGT service asks for the phone number you want to call before connecting the relay assistant, you can still tell the relay assistant about the call before they dial it.

We have also added TextNumbers and NGT Lite, there's more information about these on this website.

Will NGTS improve the availability of relay assistants?

We will continue to manage the text relay service to meet the targets set by Ofcom. We hope that system improvements and the use of NGT Lite will mean that businesses and others will use the NGT to talk direct to their customers removing the dependency on relay, freeing up relay assistants from long calls to call centres which will help availability.

Will people who call me see any difference to the Text Relay?

If they call you using the 18002 prefix the NGT service works like the Text Relay. However if you have linked your phone number to a TextNumber they will be able to use the TextNumber to make the call, or you're using the NGT App then the call with be more free-flowing because you can show understanding or interrupt. There's more information about TextNumbers and NGT Lite on this website.

Updated: 05 December 2014