18001 and 18002

NGT Dial 18001 + full number

If you see a text announcement that starts NGT Dial 18001 + full number when you make a call this can be caused by dialling 18001 without the full telephone number e.g. 180017946000. Please redial using the full telephone number e.g. 180010207946000.

If you see the NGT Dial 18001 + full number announcement every time you make a call please click here to contact the helpdesk and tell us your phone number and the time of your last call so we can investigate the problem.

Call to international numbers

To make a call to an international number please dial 18001 or 18002 followed by the full international number starting with 00 e.g. 18001001... for a number in USA or 180010049... for a number in Germany.

Remember: Our relay assistants only speak English.

Does 180015 still work and do I need to use it?

On the previous TextDirect and Typetalk system dialling a 5 between the 18001 prefix and the phone number told the system that you were making a text-to-text call and using Voice Carry Over (VCO). This was necessary to stop the system connecting a relay assistant when you switched between text and voice.

NGT can handle text-to-text and VCO without the 5. If you're calling another text-user just dial 18001 + their phone number. If you make a text-to-text call using 18001 5 + the phone number NGT will connect the call. However not all network providers let you dial 18001 5, if you dial 18001 5 + the phone number and the call fails please try again without the 5. This is for both textphone and NGT Lite users.

Updated: 19 July 2016