How NGT Lite works

The NGT Lite app is a small computer application that you run on your computer, tablet, or smartphone. You use the app with a phone call to make text calls through the NGT Service.

The NGT Lite works together with your home, office, or mobile phone and provides a text connection in parallel with the phone call you make through the Next Generation Text Service. This parallel connection uses the internet through your broadband, Wi-Fi, or office network to send and receive the text part of your conversation while the phone call is used for voice.

You can use NGT Lite to make all types of NGT call: 18001, Assist, helpdesk, and 18000 emergency, and to receive: 18002, TextNumber, and Assist calls.

By using NGT Lite you can communicate using text direct with the other people if they have the app or a textphone, or if they don't a text relay assistant will be connected automatically to relay your call. Click here for more about text relay.

Free-flowing conversation

By using NGT Lite with your phone you can Speak & Read. This means a relay assistant will type what the other person says and it will appear on the NGT Lite screen. While you can speak direct to the other person at any time, you don't need to wait for the relay assistant to stop typing.

Updated: 24 September 2014