Using NGT Lite

Making a call

Important: If you use NGT in a public place please make sure the volume is turned down on your phone otherwise the people around you might be able to hear what the person is saying to the relay assistant.

  1. Open NGT Lite and make sure there's the App connected icon at the top of the window. If not please check your internet connection.
  2. Choose the phone number you'll be using from the list and click Save.
  3. Using the phone (landline or mobile) you linked to NGT Lite, dial 18001 followed by the number of the person you're calling. It's the same as when you use a textphone but when using NGT Lite, you make the call using a standard voice phone.
  4. If you're using your phone as a separate device from the one running the app, remember to keep it close to your computer, laptop or tablet.
  5. After a couple of seconds, NGT Lite will show a pop-up window displaying the call. Click Join call.
  6. The NGT Lite will show messages such as ‘NGT ring ring' or ‘NGT busy'.
  7. When your call is answered, the NGT Service will connect a relay assistant if the other person is using a phone. If they're using a textphone or NGT Lite, you'll be able to type and talk to them direct.
  8. If you want to use your voice, speak into the phone and you'll be able to read the response on NGT Lite.
  9. If you won't be using your voice and will be typing, you need to keep the voice path open, but you can put the phone to one side and concentrate on typing and reading the response on NGT Lite.

Joining calls

This screen will pop up when you are making and receiving calls. Click Join call to connect the app.

Screenshot showing how to join a call

This icon shows the status of the call – blue phone means not connected, red means connected.

During a call


Screenshot showing phrases stored in the app

The NGT Lite allows you to enter stored phrases for use within a call. Click on the Phrases button from the main app screen and type into an available box. You can also associate a hotkey with the phrase by choosing it from a drop-down menu.


Screenshot showing the in-app keypad

Once in a call, you can select the keypad button to bring up a numerical keypad.

App disconnection

The NGT Lite doesn't need a permanent connection to the internet. It connects to the NGT Service only when you're making or answering a call. The NGT Lite will disconnect from the NGT Service when it's not being used. To reconnect select the Reconnect button.

Screenshot showing the disconnected message

NGT call return

To see the last phone number that called you through NGT, dial 18001 1471. As with normal 1471 calls, you'll see the last phone number only if the caller didn't withhold it and the call was made through NGT.

NGT call return works when you use a textphone or NGT Lite.

Withholding your phone number

If you've linked your phone to a TextNumber, the person you're calling will see the TextNumber if they have caller display on their phone, or they use 1471. You can stop them seeing your TextNumber by dialling 141 before making a call e.g. 141 18001 followed by the number you're calling. Or contact your telephone provider to permanently withhold your phone number.

If you permanently withhold your TextNumber, you can display it for a single call by dialling 1470 before the 18001 prefix e.g. 1470 18001 followed by the number you're calling.

Unique shortcodes

All calls made through NGT are dialled as if you've used a BT line. If your telephone provider uses shortcodes such as 150 you''ll need to dial 18001 followed by an alternative number. Your telephone provider will be able to tell you the number to call. As an example BT use 150 for Customer Service, however if you're calling from another telephone provider''s line you have to dial 0800 800 150

Updated: 05 October 2014