Call charges

The cost of making phone calls through the Next Generation Text (NGT) Service depends on your telephone service provider. Providers may include these calls in your calls bundles or free call minutes. If you have any questions about your call charges or billing please contact your phone service provider, their contact details will be on your phone bill.

General advice on call charges

This is general information about call charges that applies to all phone service providers:

  • The phone line or mobile phone that you used to make your call through NGT will be charged for the call. The call charge should be the same as if you called direct without using NGT, you shouldn't pay any extra for using NGT.
  • When you use NGT Lite you'll need an internet connection and a phone to fully benefit from the service. You can use a broadband, wi-fi, 3G or 4G connection. NGT Lite uses little data and shouldn't have much impact on your data allowances.
  • Your phone service provider should have a way to reduce the cost of your text calls. Most phone service providers, like BT, rebate your call charge before billing you so you don’t need to do anything. However some providers have a separate scheme, please contact your phone service provider for more details.
Updated: 16 September 2016