Answering a call

  1. If you get a call from a deaf, hard of hearing or speech-impaired person through NGT, you'll hear these announcements when you pick up the phone:

    ‘You have a call from a deaf or speech-impaired person. Please switch on your textphone now or wait for a relay assistant to be connected.'
  2. Assuming you're not going to connect a textphone or NGT Lite at this stage, you'll hear ‘Waiting for a free relay assistant'. As soon as the relay assistant is connected, you can begin your conversation by introducing yourself to the caller.
  3. The NGT app will show a pop-up window displaying the call. Click Join call.
  4. If the person calling you has a good voice they can speak to you directly and if they can hear they will be able to hear your voice. If they type their conversation, the relay assistant will relay this to you and await your response. This will then be typed to person calling you.

Your conversation - Speak & Hear

Simply use your phone as you usually do. If the other person is deaf and speaking to you you might need to make sure you're in a quiet environment without distractions.


One of the benefits of NGT is that the text-user has both the voice and internet connection in parallel. This means that they might speak to or hear you while a relay assistant types or reads the conversation. If you're new to text relay the relay assistant will manage the flow of the conversation.

Hanging up a call - phone

At the end of a call simply hang up your phone.

Updated: 16 September 2016