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Answering a call using a textphone

  1. When your textphone flashes or rings, follow the instructions in its user guide to answer the call.
  2. On the textphone screen, you'll see ‘NGT waiting for a free relay assistant', or ‘NGT connected text to text' if the call was made from a textphone.
  3. If the call is from a telephone user, you'll then see ‘Connected to Text Relay, please wait'.
  4. Once you're connected, you can type your conversation and the relay assistant will relay it to the hearing person.
  5. The relay assistant will then type the response from the hearing person so you can read it on your textphone display.
  6. The conversation will carry on like this until one of you ends the call.

Your conversation - Type & Read

It doesn't matter if your call is going via a relay assistant or direct to the other person you read the conversation on your textphone display and type what you want to say.

Hanging up a call - phone

At the end of a call simply hang up your phone.

Updated: 16 September 2016